Wedding Websites Builders

  1. BigCommerce Rating: 4.2

    4.2out of 5

    BigCommerce is a leading ecommerce builder, providing extreme scalability for online stores.
  2. Volusion Rating: 3.9

    3.9out of 5

    Volusion is pretty easy to use – if you have no interest in designing a website’s appearance.
  3. Big Cartel Rating: 2.9

    2.9out of 5

    Big Cartel is an ecommerce builder that lets you make an online store for free. It’s basic compared to ecommerce builders like Shopify, but does this mean you should avoid it?
  4. Squarespace Rating: 4.2

    4.2out of 5

    Squarespace allows users to create beautiful, visually rich websites that are suitable for photographers, designers or anyone that wants to have a minimalistic, designer-looking website.
  5. Wix Rating: 4.3

    4.3out of 5

    Wix builder is ideal for anyone looking to combine intuitive editing tools with ecommerce functionality, for a well-rounded online store.

Reviewing the best wedding website builders online

Are you engaged? Then it’s a perfect time to start your own wedding site! Using one of the website builders below, we’re telling you how to make a wedding website in 2020 fast and pretty and give best free wedding websites examples (that are alive as of the time of writing this article).


The best wedding website builders 


It’s a popular website builder, though it is not specifically ‘wedding’ one. But you can find many wedding themes over there.


  1. Pricing may be zero if you’re okay with ad banners all over your pages. If not – run it for 8.50 Euros a month.

  2. A custom domain is given for the €8.50-plan (if paid for a year), which excludes the Wix-branded characters from your URL’s look.

  3. It is one of the simplest wedding website builders ever, which can make strong competition to many, including The Knot, which is known to be one of the market leaders in wedding planning stuff in the US (we’re also considering its website builder on the list below).

  4. You can protect your wedding site from intrusive visitors (opening it only for your guests and you), setting such protection either for the entire site or for its separate pages.

  5. Anyone can use it, as there is no coding obligation. Unless you want to integrate with some tricky app, which is absent in the list of integrate-able ones or want to personify even deeper, you will never have to get into the code manually.


  1. The lowest-price plan won’t let you be deprived of commercial on your page(s).

  2. Despite the fact that Wix is one of the most powerful tools amongst website builders, it is not specifically tuned for arranging weddings, so you won’t get much integration with the same number of apps as in The Knot, which would allow you to book hotel for your guests, smoothly send invitations and receive replies on them, collect guests’ wishes to the played music, menu, and plan other issues. So you will have to find widgets, which integrate with your website or to go for another wedding website maker. Though we’re pretty sure you can find something to your liking, as there are some apps in its store and you can search through them. For instance, in 2020, there are at least 7 RSVP apps on its store, which you can integrate, each of own power.

  3. All uploads to the site must be done manually – pictures, texts. Doing links is also a manual task.


Squarespace platform

Squarespace is yet another general website builder. It has wedding site themes, certainly. And it is highly usable for visual representations. It is actually one of the most modern website builders, capturing thousands of general apps possible to be integrated with your website (of any direction).


  1. If you can’t afford yourself to hire a professional to build up a website for you but you need a professionally-looking wedding site, be sure to use Squarespace – it is the farthest you can go in the professionalism of the looks without hiring anyone.

  2. It obtains highly customizable templates, which you can use for your good.

  3. Your videos and pictures will look just great.

  4. If you want password protection – you can apply it for the entire website or only for its separate pages.

  5. It has so many possibilities today that it becomes a non-inferior to any ‘professional’ wedding sites-only maker. Do nearly anything using the internal power of its wedding templates: RSVP (through the form builder block), choose storage options for the things you upload and collect, use the banner and stock images, display event details, add gifts and registries, plan the steps, including ones after the wedding.

  6. Up to now, over 1,200,000 wedding themes and apps installations were done in Squarespace website builder.


  1. It does not have a free plan. Its try-and-buy lasts 14 days, after expiration of which you will have to opt for one of its subscription plans (starting with 12 dollars a month + 20 bucks additionally for procuring a domain name. Although, you can purchase a domain elsewhere and then – to link it to your Squarespace website builder’s account).

  2. You can’t preview changes you are doing on the pages, as they immediately go live. So if you mess up with something, you’ll have to redo, not having a working piece under your hand.

  3. If you need apps to plan and connect more than given to you, you have to opt for one of the specialized wedding website creators.



Weebly is one of the simplest wedding site builders on the market with several great wedding themes. 


  1. You can integrate your website with many apps to make your guests stay informed. 

  2. A high ease of use is an undeniable fact. 

  3. Weebly’s pricing is cheap and affordable to anyone who is going to make a wedding website (starts with $8 for ‘Connect’ subscription plan and ends with $38 for e-commerce capabilities, which you, obviously, don’t need in this case).


  1. It is somewhat inferior to the previous two, Squarespace and Wix, in the design beauty.

  2. If you don’t want to be limited with a free plan, opt for a paid one (pick one of two its low-cost plans). Otherwise, it can limit you in bandwidth, domain’s name, advertisements (branded ones will be shown but you can’t allow them to interfere with the impression your website generates), as well as storage space. Password protection, HD video + audio and membership registration, which you can find useful, are also absent in the free version.

  3. Too structured templates to allow freedom of creativity (for instance, you will hardly be able to create something like


The Knot

This is not just a wedding site builder but also the US company, which creates a number of wedding planning tools and apps. Certainly, it would be too naive to believe that in their top wedding web site, they do not give you integration with all these.


  1. A huge set of all-embracing tools, which you can seamlessly integrate into your wedding site to make everything gathered in one place. This includes RSVP, logistics, big retailers, checklist, and others.

  2. High user-friendliness and power.

  3. It is free to use and does not limit its users – so you get absolutely all access to every feature it offers.

  4. You can do your planning on their website, as well as send notifications to your guests from there.

  5. There is a preview of the site so you can control things on ‘production’ and on ‘preliminary’ sides.

  6. Ease of the creation of photo and video albums.


  1. This editor will restrict you, making it almost impossible to fly in your oeuvre.

  2. You really can’t create sophisticated wedding websites. It is so limited that it’s like a fusion of a simple square-boxed dashboard with an editor.

  3. Its templates are not differing too much from one another.

  4. There is no simplicity of use, where the ‘red line’ is the absence of drag-and-drop functionality.


Appy Couple

You can get everything connected into one place, just like in The Knot. It is a wonderful solution for a wedding website for couples. However, you must be assured that this is what you want – as it offers no trial at all before accepting your payment.



  1. This is like a single spot of access for all your wedding efforts. You can plan everything from start to finish here. 

  2. Making a website here results in one of the greatest powerful outcomes on the market. Eventually, you receive more than just an informational wedding website – you get a portal, which connects every aspect of your planning.

  3. There is an app to download and use to plan the wedding – which is largely helpful to you.  


  1. It does not give you a free trial, taking the money out of your pocket right at the beginning of your meeting with this wedding site builder.

  2. Limited creative power – even Wix is much more powerful although it is not a specialized wedding site builder.

  3. Its interface requires more time from a user to get used to, which enlarges the time needed to launch a wedding site.



If the simplicity is at the forefront of your ideas, then Joy is undoubtedly the tool that will do its best to satisfy you. If you want to create a super understandable wedding site, this website builder is going to make it happen. Despite the fact you can’t alter the structure of the site and how it works online, you can customize fonts, colors, background, pictures, theme style, countdown feature, RSVP, the schedule, and a number of other pretty things – like the room for your story, Q&A in a romantic style, reminders set up and some other features. 


  1. You can use it for free.

  2. It has a rather simple interface, in which you won’t have to dig for hours to understand things and working processes.

  3. It has many tools that are possible to integrate, which will cover everything you may need to organize your wedding.

  4. It offers an app for the phone, so your guests (and you) can use it to have communication on essential details, share pictures, and directions. You can even call Uber from there!

  5. It is a practical solution, which is aimed at efficacy, not flamboyance or versatility.


  1. Everything revolves here around one template, which you can then personify.

  2. You won’t get too far with personification, though.

  3. If you already have an address and want to connect it to the wedding site you are going to make in this website builder, you will find it hard to do.

Best wedding websites examples 

Below, we are giving you some best wedding websites 2020:

  1. – beautifully made, clearly arranged wedding site.

  2. – simple, heartfelt, easy as the two people on the site.

  3. – funny made in a cartoon style.

  4. – beautiful like a poster of a film, incredibly informative one-page landing.

  5. – original up-scrolling and primitive (yet adorable) graphics.

  6. – classy, extremely light, and absolutely understandable.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a wedding site?

If you have ever tried any website builder, then wedding site builder won’t be something new for you. Just register or log into some of previously used by you website creators (or select one from our list above), choose the category of templates tagged as ‘wedding’ and select a theme you want. 

Apart from online wedding site builders, which offer you to make only a wedding site, there’s plenty of options to design your own app (for free or for money). The biggest drawback of every app compared to a site – is that all your guests must install this app on their mobiles to be in touch with you fully functionally. 


What to put on a wedding site?

A wedding site is a single place to inform all your guests and participants about the planned event and the actions around it. So, it is wise to make an informational mini-portal with the following:

  • your story (which can take an additional or the main page) that can be said in 50+ words (usually, up to 200 words are enough)

  • accommodations (hotel’s name and location, what it offers (bed only or food included too), what services are in the hotel, time to move in/move out, its site and a booking link)

  • the schedule of the wedding day and other days, on which you plan to invite guests

  • the plan of seats for guests at the tables

  • informational lists

  • the dress code

  • ways to get to the points of venues (with mapped dots on the Google map, too)

  • the counter of time left before the wedding

  • information about personal gifts or roles of some guests (like who is going to be offered to say speech, be a best man), if any

  • RSVP

  • other important details of the venue.


Which wedding site builder is the best for showing pics?

Squarespace, though not known as specifically wedding site builder only, is known to be the best for visual representations to a large chunk of photo-connected industries: photographers, visual designers, wedding planners, picture stock exchanges, freelancers, design agencies & others. Its bright & effective designs will conquer your heart. In addition to Squarespace, you must try ‘The Knot’ – the specialized wedding site builder, which also offers apps to plan your wedding in every  aspect, including a visual part. 


Why I must opt for a premium plan if loads of free-of-charge plans available on the best free wedding websites?

If we’re talking about created wedding website, then the free-of-charge subscription possesses a few drawbacks:

  • If it’s not a try-and-buy subscription, then large ad banners of wedding site builder will be all over your place (you don’t want that, right?)

  • If it’s a free usage, it’s time-limited & if you don’t want your website to be deactivated within 2-4 weeks, you’ll have to opt for a paid subscription.

Usually, wedding sites live longer than just a couple of weeks, as they are created several months or a year before the planned wedding. All this time, they perform their main goal: informational, with important updates. If you don’t want to be overwhelmed by large banners all this time (as well as your guests), you have to opt for a paid subscription. 

Besides, there are other tangible advantages of the upgrade to a paid plan: better domain name, more features, integration with need-to-have apps (like RSVP, the scheduler of restricted-access events, planner of music tracklist & others).

If we’re talking about created apps, then you can see the hefty difference in the functionality of paid ones & free ones: the number of templates & the beauty of their themes, integrated apps, reminders to guests via a number of channels & so on. The paid options are much better – but it is for you to decide, which option is yours due to wedding budget restrictions. 


Which option may be considered the best for complete novice?

If you’re really far from issues of design, hosting, building, getting into the technical part like coding & the stuff, you should try starting with Wix – as the easiest website creator. Although it is not specifically a wedding site builder, it is super easy visually & functionally (yet powerful), allows you to select from a number of wedding themes & easily customize them with a drag-and-drop editor & a keyboard to enter your textual variables.

If you want some specifically made wedding site builder to arrange your wedding in an integrated manner, having all needed apps under your hand – then definitely start with ‘The Knot’ (, which has extensive experience in wedding planning in the US & thus, offers you every tool you might think of during planning yours.