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Wix’s Plan

With five paid plan versions aside from the free plan, it does seem that Wix is suitable for everyone. Yet if you’re a big business and need something significant I suggest you look closely into the fine print before buying into the top tier plan.

What I can’t really understand is that for all the tolls and features Wix is including for free, it tries to price itself much like a web host does – by storage space, bandwidth and so on.


Is Wix A Good Buy?

I think by the time you’ve reached this point, it will perhaps be clear that I feel Wix that as a site builder, wix website builder reviews is quite good. It ticks off a lot of the right check boxes in its primary function (the mobile site editor is a great touch) and it is possible to use to develop sites quickly.

On top of that, there is great value-add as well, with the extra features and marketing tools. This is something that would enable new site owners to extend the reach of their site further without having to deal with too much technical knowledge or additional resources.

However, there is a couple of big caveats with this site builder that prevents me from recommending it unhesitatingly. First, the fact that you’re stuck with Wix since you can’t move your site is a major turn off. This is something that has long term implications and isn’t easy for a new (or even veteran!) site owners to judge.

Secondly, while I admit that all these extra features are good to have, for someone who knows what they are doing – you’re buying in to Wix at steep prices. Take for example their lowest plan at $4.50 a month – that’s what you’d pay for web hosting with much more resources than Wix offers.

As you go through the list of pros and cons, it becomes a bit more obvious that Wix is a short-term gain – long term pain solution. Of course this won’t matter for some people, but my thoughts are that if you’re willing to put in a little effort to learning about self-hosting WordPress, for example, you’d save as much as double (and likely more) in the long run.

Key Features

  • ✓ Great speed
  • ✓ Easy Drag & drop interface
  • ✓ SEO tools included
  • ✓ Extensive app market
  • ✓ Mobile customization
  • ✓ Fantastic knowledgebase


Recommended For

  • • Individual websites
  • • Small business owners
  • • Basic eCommerce sites
  • • DIY website owners

4.3out of 5

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