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Squarespace Review: Ease of Use

Building a website and online store with Squarespace Commerce is pretty straightforward. The dashboard is clean and modern, with a menu tab on the left-hand side for you to jump from page to page.

For instance, you might want to check out your inventory, then add a discount, then work on your marketing. All of these tabs are just a click away in the dashboard. I might even argue that this interface is easier to understand than the almighty Shopify.

Things do get complicated if you’re trying to do anything, well, complicated. For instance, you're not going to customize much outside of what the Squarespace theme gives you–that is, without any custom coding.

Squarespace offers a fairly powerful design module for adjusting items like your lock screen, logo, template, and a whole bunch of settings in the style editor. In fact, most elements on your template are customizable. If you're absolutely stuck, there's a CSS module to mess with.

This is a live editor, but it doesn't have drag and drop elements. Having said that, the settings are intuitive enough for most beginners to handle.


Squarespace Review: Pricing

Squarespace Commerce used to be the only way to accept payments for online transactions, but that's all changed. In fact, every plan offered through squarespace review is able to have some sort of ecommerce functionality.

For example, the Business Plan, as listed below, still gives you the opportunity to sell online. You can still technically embed something like a PayPal button into the Personal account, but there's no longer any full ecommerce support.

The monthly fee for the Business plan is lower, but the catch is that Squarespace takes a transaction fee:

  • Personal – $12 per month. This gives you a website with 20 pages, along with support for an unlimited number of products. It also has a tool for accepting donations. They don't offer any ecommerce tools for this plan anymore, but an SSL is provided, so you can try out a PayPal button if you want.
  • Business – $18 for a fully integrated ecommerce store with a 3% transaction fee. The company also throws in promotional pop-ups, Google email accounts, and Google AdWords credits. Sell unlimited products and create a website with unlimited pages.

This is good news for companies that want to dabble in the ecommerce world. You can take your previously built Squarespace site and test out which products might sell well on your website. You get slammed with the transaction fee, but at least your monthly costs remain the same.

As for the regular Squarespace Commerce plans, there are no transaction fees, and the functionality is improved:

  • Basic – $26 per month for a plan with no transaction fees (besides credit card fees,) all features from the Business plan, unlimited products, free custom domain, mobile optimization, SSL security, powerful commerce metrics, a checkout module on Squarespace's domain, Xero integration, label printing, inventory, orders, taxes, customer accounts, and discounts. Also, the checkout is on your domain.
  • Advanced – $40 per month for all of the features in previous plans, plus the checkout is still placed on your own domain. In addition, you receive powerful commerce metrics, inventory, orders, taxes, coupons, abandoned cart recovery, real-time carrier shipping, flexible discounts, gift cards, and the orders API.

Squarespace has never been known as a bargain website builder. It’s a premium solution and costs more money than many other platforms. Most of the free templates are of very high quality, so I actually believe it is worth the price.

Similar to Shopify’s templates, you are getting a website design that is likely worth over $10,000 for a fraction of the cost.

Quite honestly, however, given that Shopify offers a plan at $9, and Bigcartel offers plans anywhere from free to $20 – It's tough for Squarespace to compete. The $12 and $18 Personal and Business plans are great starts, considering not everyone wants to pay close to $30 for an ecommerce store. But you're still stuck with the transaction fees in those lower plans.

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