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Big Cartel's Sales Tools and Features

You want your online store to sell as much as possible. From uploading your products, to the customer’s checkout, a good online store should have the tools to make every part of the selling journey easy.

Big Cartel has a range of basic sales features to support your online store. The first thing to be aware of is, while you can sell on the free plan, you’re limited to five products and can’t create discounts.


You have a range of standard ecommerce features with Big Cartel. These include a mobile app to manage your store on the go and three types of accepted payments.

You also have a customized checkout including confirmation emails reflecting your brand and chosen theme. There’s an orders section where you can keep track of your transactions and order details.

Something to be aware of is Big Cartel isn’t PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. This means you’re responsible for following PCI guidelines on processing and accepting people’s card payment details. This is a big job and hassle which you don’t have to worry about with other ecommerce builders.

On the plus side, Big Cartel doesn’t charge transaction fees. The usual charge is applied by the payment gateway itself. For example credit card payments will be charged at the standard 2.2% + 30p rate. But big cartel pricing itself has 0% transaction fees, even on its free plan!


Big Cartel recommends using apps for a lot of your ecommerce functions. You need apps or third plugins to unlock features such as:

  • Selling digital goods
  • Creating promotional pop ups
  • Accessing more advanced finance and analytics tools
  • Making drop-shipping available to your customers

These can expand your online store and create a better customer experience. This is where Big Cartel’s free plan is worth taking advantage of, as these apps will add to the cost of your website each month.

We’re not going to dodge the truth: Big Cartel definitely has sales areas where it can’t compete with ecommerce builders like Shopify and BigCommerce. There are simple features an online store should be able to offer, like product reviews, which aren’t available even using apps.


There’s no customer login option for Big Cartel sites. While this might not be a deal breaker for some, it means your online store can only ever offer guest check out. In a world of online shopping where we’re used to saving our details for a quick buy, this might not go down well with customers. You can’t bulk upload products either, which can be time consuming if you have a lot of stock.

Having to upload products individually makes Big Cartel a lot more suitable for selling one-off products like artworks and prints. This removes the hassle of adding lots of variants like size and color, which could be frustrating if you’re running a clothing store, for example.


Today it’s not enough just to sell through one platform. It would be like only using a bike when actually everyone else is also walking, driving, and scootering! You don’t want to miss out. Luckily, with BigCartel you can sell via Facebook and tag products on Instagram.

You can set this up even if you’re on the free plan. Just be aware that to tag products on Instagram, your products must be approved by both Facebook and Instagram. Plus you will need to do some coding to integrate these social media platforms with your store.

Want to find out more? Read our article on how to make money on Instagram for a breakdown of how to sell through this social platform. Or, read our guide to selling through Facebook to find out the best ways to maximise your store’s online presence.

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